IDEL hostel CuernavacaIDEL hostel CuernavacaIDEL hostel CuernavacaIDEL hostel Cuernavaca
Enjoy a nice weekend or some nice days in Cuernavaca
In a place full of nature and relax atmosphere
Surrounded by nature at just 20 minutes from Cuernavaca's downtown
Enhoy the warm weather of cuernavaca relaxig by the pool
Unbelivable Cuernavaca hideout spot
For a great moments
Confortable, Clean and Secure rooms
For your pleasure rest...

IDEL hostel more than a hostel .. lodging


Frequently asked questions :


The rooms have TV ?



The rooms have conditioned air ?

No, but we have fans is you need it .


Can i arrive at any time for the check in?

Yes, just with a previous advice on your reservation form


Is there facilities for handycap Persons ?

The architechture of IDEL hostel is on different levels, so we can't made this possible


Can i arrive without a reservation?

Yes, but in this situation we can't warranty the room it depends on availability on the moment.


Can i made reservations by phone?

yes, but we really preciate receive the reservation form to avoid errors on your file


Did you allow pets ?



Did you respect our information privacy ?

yes this is one of the major values for IDEL hostel we don't information, except only of the client telling us to


Can i pay with a credit o debit cards ?

NO, but closer to the hotel have banks, ATM's


Maximum capacity of the rooms?

3 persons


Theres a restaurant or bar? NO ,the only service we can provide is the Continetal breakfast previous request on your arrive for 80 pesos


Is there a season rates ?

NO, our rates are round year the same


if you have any further  doubts, please don't hesitate in contact us

IDEL Hostel Cuernavaca


IDEL Hostel Cuernavaca
The place to enjoy the warm weather of cuernavaca at just 20 minutes from the city downtown located at: 

Calzada de los Actores 112,

Col.Lomas de Atzingo

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mor.

Phone:(777) 313 0157