IDEL hostel CuernavacaIDEL hostel CuernavacaIDEL hostel CuernavacaIDEL hostel Cuernavaca
Enjoy a nice weekend or some nice days in Cuernavaca
In a place full of nature and relax atmosphere
Surrounded by nature at just 20 minutes from Cuernavaca's downtown
Enhoy the warm weather of cuernavaca relaxig by the pool
Unbelivable Cuernavaca hideout spot
For a great moments
Confortable, Clean and Secure rooms
For your pleasure rest...

IDEL Hostel cuernavaca

Ecology Actions

Ecology actions

Green actions apply at IDEL Hostel


In IDEL Hostel we are very worry about the planet environment  for that reason we want to help and conserve avoiding more ecological damage.



We apply the following actions:


All our gardens we don't use any chemical herbicide or weed killer, all of our fertilizer use for all the plants in the hostel is Organic. We produce it  by the recycle of the organic waste of the hostel.


All our rooms has low energy light bulbs for avoiding the  demand for electricity reduces the need for electrical generation, which environmentalists point out reduces emissions from coal-fired plants.


The hostel Swimming pool is heated by a solar system installed on the roof of our Facilities, this systems avoid polluting the environment , because it don't need to use gas, diesel or coal combustion to heat the system.


We use the less possibly  of chemical  products on the pool maintenance, for that reason we  highly recommend to avoid of the Sun blocker and tanning product in our pool, to reduce the oils on the water.


in the gardens  we produce some organical, vegetables  fruits and spices for  consumption of the hostel. 


Don't loose the opportunity to enjoy

IDEL Hostel in cuernavaca

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IDEL Hostel Cuernavaca
The place to enjoy the warm weather of cuernavaca at just 20 minutes from the city downtown located at: 

Calzada de los Actores 112,

Col.Lomas de Atzingo

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mor.

Phone:(777) 313 0157